Swedish Open Championships, SOC, in table tennis was played for the first time in 1954. 2017 SOC is played for the 47th time. It has a great tradition and usually attracts the best players i the world, both men and women, to participate.

Chinese Super Stars

If we take a look at the last couple of SOC that has been played, world dominating China has been represented with unbelieveable strong players. For example, in 2011, China had five men in their team, the lowest of them ranked as number 7 at the current world ranking. Among the women it was equally strong with the lowest of the four members of the team ranked as number six at the current world ranking.

There is a special relationship in table tennis between Sweden and China. Historically the two nations has been among the best in the world and many great matches has been played between Swedish and Chinese world class athletes. Although China is now dominating the world of table tennis the respect is still there and Chinese team always come to SOC with great players.

Swedish stars through the years

Through the years there has been a lot of Swedish players who have performed well at SOC. Hans Alsér was the first Swedish player to win a singles title in 1963 and he did it again in 1970. Two Swedish women has won SOC, Birgitta Rådberg in 1971 and Ann-Christin Hellman in 1979.

Among other Swedish SOC winners you can find table tennis stars as Kjell “Hammaren” Johansson (1971 and 1972), Stellan Bengtsson (1975 and 1979), Ulf “Tickan” Carlsson (1980), Jan-Ove Waldner (1983), Mikael “Äpplet” Appelgren (1991) and Jörgen Persson (1996).