"Swedish Open Championships in table tennis 2016"

15-20 November, Eriksdalshallen, Stockholm, Sweden

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Do  you want to see world class table tennis with some of the best players in the world competing for the title? Do you want to experience and contribute to a great atmosphere at Eriksdalshallen in November? Then you should come to SOC 2016. You can buy tickets now until 15th November at Ticketmaster.se. During the tournament you buy tickets at the venue. Card and cash payment is accepted. See you at SOC!

ITTF World Tour

Every year between 15-20 World Tour tournaments are played all around the world as a part of the GAC ITTF World Tour. There are three levels, Super, Major och Challenge Series and SOC is in the Major category. Most of the tournaments includes six events, Men’s singles, Women’s singles, Men’s doubles, Women’s doubles and U21 singles for Men and Women.

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Herrdubbelfinalen SOC 2013

Herrdubbelfinalen SOC 2013, Jens Lundquist, Sverige/Xu Xin, Kina mot Pär Gerell,...

Herrfinalen SOC 2013

Herrfinalen SOC 2013 mellan Fan Zhendong, Kina och Yan An, Kina

Damfinalen SOC 2013

Damfinalen SOC 2013 Chen Meng, Kina – Li Xiaodan, Kina

Videklipp från ITTF nummer 2

Li Fens EM-final 2013 mot Xianona Shan, Tyskland.

Videoklipp från ITTF nummer 1

En hyllning till landslagsspelaren Pär Gerell.

Linda Bergström, Sverige

Linda Bergström Ålder: 19 Klubb: Ängby SK  ...

Kristian Karlsson, Sverige

Namn: Kristian Karlsson Ålder: 23 Klubb: Pontoise, Frankrike

Li Fen, Sverige

Namn: Li Fen Ålder: 38 Klubb: Szekszard, Ungern Främsta meriter: EM-guld i singel...

Jens Lundquist, Sverige

Namn: Jens Lundquist Ålder: 35 Klubb: Vaillante Angers, Frankrike...

Matilda Ekholm, Sverige

Namn: Matilda Ekholm Ålder: 32 Klubb: SVNÖ Ströck, Österrike